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Hashtag You’re It Million Dollar Listing New York

Steve is now trying to sell the new listing he was given, after we saw that his old one was off taken off the market last episode. Speaking of houses being taken off of the market, Ryan’s listing got tabled after having a hard time selling. Ryan was on a roll with selling his 100 listings. Last time we checked he knocked 76 off of the list. Guess this property wasn’t as easy. He had a meeting with the developer, who decided to table it, and take it off of the market. Ryan lost out on a $240,000 commission. He was definitely mad. He had a goal to reach and he had planned on reaching it.

This one listing doesn’t take away from the fact that he clearly has more to sell. Steve actually ended up selling his listing. There was little bit of a tug of war. The couple interested gave an offer that was substantially lower than the asking price of course. They also wanted a fireplace, which is why their offer was so low. He got them to raise the offer after having a not so pleasant meeting with the broker, who stormed out on him. There was no way that he was going to close the deal at a price that low and a fireplace. They raised the offer to the original price that Steve quoted the broker, and they still get to have their fireplace.

Fredrik met with a developer who offered him a crazy challenging deal. He has to sell the remaining penthouses in a multistory building. The first one he sells has to start at $2o million and he has to add an extra $1 million to the price of each penthouse after that. The higher the penthouse the higher the cost. Fredrik said OK, but he’s clearly sweating about this one. He met with his boss and he asked Fredrik if he was crazy, and why would he say OK to something like that?

Fredrik says that he can work it out. Do you think that he can?


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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