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Guess Which RHOA Husband Got His Own Reality Show?!

The husbands of RHOA have become a hot topic all on their own. They all have their own stories and naturally bring their own dramas to the show. Seeing the husbands present on RHOA also gives us some really good insight on what the wives better halves think about certain things. All of these reasons are probably why a dear friend to our show, Peter is getting his own reality show. Peter has a show in the works that’s about his Charlotte bar/restaurant, and they’ll be talking about his Atlanta bar from time to time as well.

People love Peter, so we think this would be a wonderful idea for him and his businesses. Besides Peter is already in the media being surrounded by rumors of him dating Sina. Yes, Sina, the mother of Young Joc’s children. We don’t know if this is true, but it’ll be interesting to hear about on his show. Production for Peter’s new show has started already, but they’re still looking to be picked up by a network.


What do you guys think?! Would you watch this? We think it’ll be worth a shot, but we’re wondering why Bravo doesn’t have this on lock already?

Anyways, comment below and tell us how you feel! and let us know who you’d like to see Jules interview next!


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