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Fredrik Starts Foundation For Homeless Children On Million Dollar Listing New York

Our favorite brokers are grinding harder than ever on this episode of Million Dollar Listing New York. Steve has been getting a hard time for yet another listing that his bro Ian has given him to sell. Once the dude was able to get over dissing Steve’s sweater collection, they were able to move on and make a deal. Of course the buyers wanted the property for a lower asking price, but Ian was able to counter it and get an amount closer to what he was looking for.

Ryan attended a Shabbat birthday party for one of his dealers. The key is to maintain close relationships in order to get the results that you want. Ryan showed up with his wife Amelia and they had a pretty good time. Ryan was offered a chance to sell a unit and he definitely came through. When he meet up to give the good news he found himself walking into a different situation unknowingly. Ryan’s dealer told him that he actually had another broker on the same deal just incase Ryan couldn’t sell it. Ryan’s feelings were hurt, but everything got better once he was offered 3 units to sell with a million dollar commission! Suddenly Ryan’s feelings weren’t so hurt anymore.

Fredrik was working on selling property in the East Village where he was meet with a life changing history lesson. He was educated on how poor the East Village used to be and that it’s really come a long way. Back in the day there were a lot of homeless families living in the village and now it’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in within Manhattan. Fredrik’s driver also let him in on his upbringing in the East Village. Fredrik and his driver have been getting to know one another for the past three years, but this project really allowed them to get closer. Fredrik always comes through with the sales, so with his commission he created a foundation for homeless children!

What did you think about Fredrik’s big decision to do this?!


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