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Final Episode Of T.I. And Tiny The Family Hustle

Awwwwwwww did you guys catch the final episode of T.I. and Tiny last night? No matter what went down we can all say that we are in our feelings about the two of them getting a divorce. We just want to glue them back together so they can stay stuck for life, but these types of situations aren’t always that easy to fix. We don’t all of the issues between T.I. and Tiny, but we do know that they tipped over a whole pot of hot tea during last nights episode.

Fans of the show had so much to say on social media a lot of it was so funny, because it so true! Take a look.

We feel the same way!!! The good thing is that deep down inside, we know that T.I. and Tiny still have so much love for each other and that they’re going to always be family. We’re just going to miss watching their kids kids grow up and take notes from their amazing parenting skills! This was really one of the first reality T.V. family shows where we didn’t see any crazy drama and fighting, and we appreciate that!

What do ya’ll think?! Is The Family Hustle a great example of positive and happy African American families?!

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