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Evelyn And Jennifer Finally Make Up!

There’s been so much drama and tension lately on Basketball Wives. Evelyn and Jackie can’t seem to get along, in fact they may be done with each other all together. Now Saniy’yah and Hazel are at odds. Hazel and her friend, who Saniy’yah has problems with, crashed Saniy’yah’s party. She had to put hands on both Hazel and her homegirl for refusing to leave. Most people feel that Saniy’yah was justified in her actions, but the ladies on the show said that they’re DONE.

The ladies from the OG cast say that Saniy’yah is a loose cannon, and they don’t need that energy. At least we were able to see some positivity in the latest episode of Basketball Wives. Shaunie met up with Jennifer who hasn’t been on the show just as long as Evelyn. When Ev came back there were rumors that she was only going to join the cast if Jenn wasn’t involved. Evelyn said that wasn’t necessarily true. She just didn’t feel comfortable doing the show with Jennifer knowing that they haven’t talked things out yet.

Situations can get messy when you’re handling personal affairs in front of the cameras. During Shaunie’s lunch date with Jenn, she asked her if she would be willing to sit down with Evelyn and reconcile their differences. She of course said yes, because these two ladies were so close in the past. Evelyn agreed as well, so they met up on the beach. They sat down in the sand side by side and no blows were thrown. These two haven’t seen, or spoken to each other in years!

Do you think their friendship will be totally back to normal?


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