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Details On The New Episode Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Tonight’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta is about to be crazy. The mom’s, Momma Dee and Raheeda’s mom, Shirleen put Kirk on blast during Scrappy’s party. Scrappy and the Bambs, sadly broke off their engagement to each other. Now now Scrappy wants to party, so he’s throwing himself a single party. Well, Scrappy and his friends are ready to turn up and celebrate Scraps happiness. The mom’s must have figure out that Kirk was going to show up, and said oh hell nah!

Shirleen is Rasheeda’s mother, so naturally she’d be ready to kill Kirk for messiness. What Kirk don’t know yet, is that Scrappy’s mom is ready to pop off too. Ya’ll know Momma Dee can be crazy, so we’re excited what her and Shirleen are getting ready to do.

And don’t forget that Mama Dee and Shirleen were beefing last season. If they’re making up just to team up on Kirk, then this must be serious!

This is going to be so funny!

Should Mama Dee and Shirleen be rolling up on Kirk at Scrappy’s party? Or should they stay home and stay out of it?

Let us know what ya’ll think!

And tell us who you’d like to see Jules interview next!


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