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Cody Gets Voted Out Of The Big Brother House

Everyone’s been having issues with Cody and Jessica for a minute on Big Brother. That’s why the two of them have been sticking together, thing is, it’s only been the two of them. It was Paul’s turn to vote who was going to be kicked out next. He voted for Josh and Alex with a plan to use a veto to get Cody kicked out. The plan went left when Ramses used his power to put himself into the challenge as well. Ramses wanted the power to veto, but this would mess up Paul’s plans.

Paul had a talk with Ramses in order to ring the challenge, so that Cody still had a shot of going home. Ramses agreed, but he actually did very well in the challenge and won the power to veto. Paul was pissed off and felt that Ramses had played him. Ramses told Paul that it wasn’t his intentions to do better, it’s just that physically he ended up being better than Josh and Alex in the challenge. Paul still didn’t believe him and wondered if Ramses should be trusted going forward, or not.

The veto was in fact used for Cody, so Cody was voted out of the house. The twist is that Cody has a chance to come in during next week’s challenge.

Do you think he’s going to be able to pull it off?


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