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Brandon Admits That Reginae Is Actually His Favorite Cast Mate In Latest Jules Uncut Interview

Jules sat down for a fabulously exclusive interview with Brandon Barnes, from Growing Up Hip Hop ATL. Brandon has been getting quite the rep for being bold, blunt, and telling it like it is. As he sat down with Juliana she gave him the opportunity to us really get to know the real Brandon Barnes. Yes, he is an artist developer and son of the music manager mogul Debra Antney. Thing is Brandon let us in on a little fact none of us even knew at all. Ms. Deb is actually Brandon’s Godmother, but she took him in as a child and raised him as her own.

During that time Brandon got to meet many people that has inspired and supported him along the way. People such as Irv Gotti and his brother, and Ms. Deb of course just to name a few that have mentored him from the very beginning. Brandon said his main goals are to give artist a platform to shine, that’s all he really wants. Within that same breath he brought up Zonnique to set the record straight about a few things. Brandon spilled tea and let us know that he and Niq Niq were already working together for the past few years. Brandon was hired as Zonnique’s vocal coach by her mom Tiny.

As Brandon and Niq Niq got to know each other better, she started having conversations with him about developing her as an artist. This is the main reason why he said he even came to her photo shoot, when things popped off with Reginae. He gave it to Jules like this, he says if he was just her vocal coach, then he wouldn’t have even showed up to the shoot.

When Jules asked Brandon how things were with Reginae he said they’ve smoothed things over, and Reginae as actually his favorite castmate. Brandon also told us that he explained to Reginae off camera what he really meant by what he said. If you watch the show then you remember him saying that he’s someone that could have helped her father career. Brandon explained in the moment his delivery was petty, but all in all he meant no harm. He feels confidence is key and he truly feels like he can learn from Lil Wayne, but at the same time he’s confident that Wayne could learn something from him too.

Brandon tells Jules that he actually picked out the cast for the show! Brandon’s got it going on y’all! And now he’s working on building some pop stars. He’s looking to put together and girl band, and a boy band! For more tea from Brandon watch the interview right here!

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