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Basketball Wives Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of Basketball Wives came on last night. We know all you successful working people can’t stay up too late to catch the tea, so we’re coming to you with a quick update before you watch the show on your own. Last night Jackie spent the episode trying to figure out what’s really up with her and Evelyn. While Jackie wants to believe that they’re cool, Tami is telling Jackie to pump her breaks. When Tami was re-introduced to the cast last season, we found out that she and Jackie have actually known each other for years. Since they are cool, we’re thinking that Tami is just being a friend to Jackie, but will she listen?

Jackie had a little talk with Evelyn on the side and Ev told Jackie that Tami is “messy, messy, messy” and going crazy. It seems like Jackie was left questioning her friend after that talk. Jackie has been known for stirring the pot, so is this what’s going on right now? Usually a person wouldn’t believe something that someone else has to say about their friend. Would Jackie rather be friends with Evelyn? Because it seems as if she’s questioning her friend Tami, and Tami was not pleased.

While at lunch with Shaunie and Bonnie-Jill, a new cast member and sportscaster, Bonnie-Jill let Tami know about the conversation between Jackie and Evelyn. She served Tami the tea on exactly what was said, and how it went down. Tami spoke about the situation and expressed her frustrations with Jackie. She feels as if Jackie is easily persuaded and called her ” dumb as f-ck” is Jackie right to question Tami? Or should she have stood up for her friend during that talk with Evelyn?

The new girls also have a little drama brewing of their own right now. Keona and Elena met up and had lunch. Elena was introduced this episode although she was at Shaunie’s 70’s party in episode one. Elena put it out there that her and Nick Young had a texting situation back in the day. Keona got a little mad when she heard the tea and felt Elena was being thirsty for attention. Elena’s side of the story is that she felt that it was only right for her to share that information, if her and Keona were going to be cool and start a friendship. Was Keona tripping? Or was Elena really being thirsty?

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