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Bakers Vs. Fakers S’more The Merrier

This weeks episode of Bakers vs. Fakers featured beans and zucchini. During the first challenge, the contestants had to use either coffee beans or black beans in their s’mores desserts. Everyone chose to go the easy route with coffee beans. except for one person. This one guy decided to go with black beans. He ground them up finely and used them as a base for his crust instead of flour. Substituting black beans for flour when making dough is a much healthier swap, plus the beans add protein.

The first person to go home was an actual baker. She was sent home because she used water to make her chocolate ganache,  and that’s a big no, no for a baker. Surprisingly she actually is a baker. The first person to go home is actually the owner of Polka Dot Cupcakes and the Polka Dot Cupcakes truck. On the second challenge the next ingredient to use was Zucchini. There was choice between zucchini chip, fries, and bread. The contestants went to work to come up with some innovative dessert ideas with this ingredient. The last two fakers and one baker was left standing.

And another faker took the win! The other baker was sent home and so was the last faker. Who do you think should have won?


Whitney Marquise Acoff is a NYC entertainment writer, fashion editor, and stylist among having other creative talents as well.

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