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Ashley’s About To Get Slapped By All The Ladies Of Potomac

Ashley from the Real Housewives Of Potomac seems like a cool chick, but according to the wives on the show she just can’t stay out of other people’s business. Of course she thinks she’s being a friend by putting the pressure on some the ladies, such as Charrisse and Robyn when it comes to their marriages. Robyn and her ex-husband Juan aren’t together but they live in the same house and have a co-parenting situational agreement. Meanwhile Charrisse hasn’t spoken to her husband in a while and they’ve recently started the divorce process.

We’re not an expert on divorce, but we do understand that it can be emotionally devastating. Divorce is hard on both ends rather you’re the one that filed, or not. That’s exactly why Robyn and Charrisse are so mad at Ashley right about now. Ashley has been butting into their relationships for the past few episodes. You can tell that neither one of these ladies want to talk about their current love lives. Now Charrisse and Robyn are super angry, because they feel that Ashley is insensitive. Ashley told Charrisse that all she does is cry and talk about her relationship, and she told Robyn that Juan has been seeing other people while they were at Monique’s BBQ! And Juan was there!

Jeez Ashley…..smh. What do ya’ll think?

Both Robyn and Charrisse said they would f-ck Ashley up….are they wrong?

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