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Ashley Tries To Patch Things Up With The Ladies On Real Housewives Of Potomac

In the latest episode of The Real Housewives Of Potomac, Ashley is noticeably trying to get herself together. She had a quick little talk with Karen as they were golfing and she caught her up on the situation with Robyn, Charisse, and Giselle. Karen kept it real and told Ashley that she would get f-cked up for doing what she’s doing. She also let Ashley in on the little secret that if nobody asked you for your opinion, then no one wants to hear it. Ashley then told Karen that she’s entitled to her opinion and Karen said yes, but no one asked you for it.

We need Karen to come say that to a few more people………

How many of you know someone that gives their opinion rather someone asked or not?

We think Ashley may have gotten the point, but not until later on. Ashley and her husband Michael have been fighting over their Australian Restaurant, and the direction that it should go in. No ones eating Emu, or Kangaroo, so Ashley wanted to make some changes. She added things like chicken and donuts, and more modern like American foods. She also created an event for bloggers, writers, and journalist to attend to give their critiques.

The ladies were invited to this event and Ashley had a chance to at least speak to them in calmly this time. Robyn got a chance to explain why she’s so mad. The other ladies tried to talk as well. Giselle wanted to ask a question about the menu and Ashley had an attitude. Karen told Ashley she seems super defensive and ready to fight at all times. Ashley took a moment and realized that Karen was right, and admitted that the stress from the restaurant situation has been making her mean.

What do ya’ll think? Should the girls forgive Ashley? Or is she really coming from a bad place?

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