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Agu And Emily’s Sleepover Gets Messy On Invite Only Cabo

Agu has been making it quite clear and probably annoyingly obvious that he’d like to take Kamani out on a date and get to know her better. Kamani seemed like she up for seeing what Age was really about. I mean Agu is really good looking, but Kamani is wise enough to know that looks can be deceiving, so she decided to try to take things slow with him. Agu seems like he’s a playboy and he did admit that he can be especially when he’s drunk. This dude said he wanted to know more about her and her kids though, so she said she’d feel him out.

The next day they go out and it seems like Agu forgot he was trying to get with Kamani, because he definitely got caught up. Emily already said in the previous episode that she couldn’t share a room with Agu, because she was too attracted to him. Emily has a man that she claims that she loves.  Looks like Emily and Agu have the same issues with staying drunk and loyal, because they definitely hooked up.

The scene was funny too, because Larry’s boo thang, Bianca and Malaku, and….well damn the whole house really, except for Kamani did some spying on Agu and Emily. They were in the same bed and Emily barely had any clothes on.

The next morning Malaku told Jermane and they both told Kamani together. Looks like she’s pretty done with Agu, until she finally goes off on him….we’re waiting for that moment.

That same morning Bianca confront Kamani, because Kamani told Larry that some guy was touching Bianca booty and she was letting it go down. Of course Larry wasn’t too happy about that, so he approached Bianca and now she feels betrayed by Kamani. In Kamani’s eyes she was just being loyal to Larry by telling him what she say.

What do ya’ll think?! Did Agu ruin his chances with Kamani?! And is Kamani messy for spilling that tea to Larry?!

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